Go Ape! Tree Top Adventure

Go Ape! Girl on zip wire

Let’s Go Bananas!

This is an awesome venture if you love climbing, walking distances or get that kick out the adrenaline rush when you’re being a bad-ass. This is perfect for you!

We landed, then got a bit lost…

I went to Go Ape! in Rivington which is probably the closest one to me. So, one arrival we parked a million miles away from the Go Ape! cabin, only to confuse ourselves that it was behind the pub somewhere. But we got there in the end.

The Go Ape! staff are so friendly and enthusiastic. Nothing better than great customer service, you don’t want to stick around with a moody mentor. So, we quickly got changed, put our gear on, and got ready to absolutely go bananas! Don’t mind the puns!


We had a group of about 5 of us as we booked on the 11am session. The mentor trained us on safety, precautions and actions. Also, ran through how to secure yourself – because you’ll be on top of trees! And we headed out…

Heights, obstacles and zip wiring

There’s different levels of obstacles you can go through, ranking from easy to hard. It’s totally your choice how hard you’d like to go. Just as a warning though, beware of the stirrups obstacle, especially on a windy and rainy day like ours! Holy cow, that was hard, I never thought I’d make it to the end. This obstacle involves you having to strategically place your toes through tiny stirrups that won’t keep still, whilst you’re about a few metres high.

But don’t let that put you off. There’s so much fun, especially the zip wiring after each assault course.

Go Ape! certificate


Overall, my experience was amazing. Although it was slightly wet and windy on the day I went. We still got through the course. Make sure you wrap up warm and take spare clothes because you’re bound to get a bit muddy. This is a great outdoor adventure for anyone aged 10 +, with a height of over 1.4 metres. Also, some Go Ape! locations offer junior tree top adventures for all ages, with a minimum height of 1 metre. Go wild, and book yours today!

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